Spinlondon is an active community of professionals who share their successes and challenges with an aim to improve organizational performance, excellence, and contribution to the society. Our Attendees includes corporate professionals representing various local and global firms, independent contractors and SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), including academics.


We provide a platform to share knowledge, experience, opinions, ideas, innovations and networking. We do this through conducting various events such as meetings | panel discussions | conferences & seminars | forums | workshops | round tables and sports events. Our events are geared towards exploring topics of interest in depth, providing practical experience and share real life case.

People, Process and Technology are the three essential components of a successful business. This is the strategic triad of leverage points that have a major effect on cost, schedule, and quality. We focus on a spectrum of excellence as it relates to the 3 aspects of the above equation: Human (or People)Excellence, Process Excellence and Technology Excellence. Successful, efficient and mature organisations achieve and sustain high levels of performance to consistently meet or exceed the expectations of their stakeholders, thereby demonstrating excellence. All organisations strive to be successful, however more often than not, some organisations fail while some achieve success for a period of time. Certain organisations sustain their success. Such organisations maintain a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, which is key enabler for consistent success. Our aim is to empower professionals in order to achieve sustainable excellence both for their careers and their organisations.